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Dell MS111, 5 Reasons why it is a Perfect Design

Dieter Rams led a revolution in design, which he shaped into his ten principles of a great design. He explained that a design needs to be 1. Innovative, 2. Useful, 3. Aesthetic, 4. Understandable, 5. Unobtrusive, 6. Honest (in its approach), 7. Enduring, 8. Detailed, 9. Environmental Friendly and 10. Minimal. The design of Dell MS111 follows through with most of these principles while also being available for a bargain. 

The Dell MS111 is worth around $9 on the amazon website and around $5 in India. It is one of the cheapest available models on the website, yet there is negligible doubt in my mind about its quality and the assurance that Dell provides to its users. 

Unobtrusive - The first time I used this specific mouse was in 2011. 9 years later, I still get excited at the sight of it. Its back panel gives my palm the perfect support which I feel lacks a bit in the sleeker models which are preferred due to their aesthetic attractions and sharp edges. This model built a foundation for the ideal design for all sorts of consumers for corporations like Logitech and Lenovo. 

Innovative - This Dell mouse, for me, has been a delight to use. The scrolling mechanism has a usual and paced feel which promotes a sense of durability and trust in the product. The lower half is tapered in a way that the thumb can be comfortably placed in a position that provides stability in the movement of the pointer.

Honest - I checked amazon for a daily use mouse and almost all models had minute details and differences which made them less desirable to me than the MS111. They were too small, too big, too bulky or with edges which would possibly leave marks on the hands after a couple of hours of use. Even the gaming mouses tend to be quite heavy and slow down the hand movement, even though they are that way for a reason, it still does not provide me with the same level of familiar comfort like the MS111.

Minimal - Maybe Dell finally perfected the most economically viable, user friendly way to point and click on things on your PC. They created a design which was light but did not feel cheap, it has a matte finish which gives a much better grip than its counterparts. 

Aesthetic - Still, every year new, improved, slightly sleeker models of the same mouse are released but the design and availability of the MS111 is still there to this day even after almost a decade of its release. 

The Curiosity behind the Continuous pursuit of Constant improvement in the design of the same thing is why I want to be an Industrial Designer, but maybe a few things have already been accepted by us as perfect and it does not seem necessary to remove them from your daily life as they have become part of your habits. Dell, knowingly or unknowingly designed a mouse which was accepted by colleges, corporations and individual daily users as the perfect design for a mouse along with being reasonably priced and a portion of our lives which never seemed out of place or even a little problematic.

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