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There is dark, gooey secret behind this pristine white walls...

Updated: Mar 23

Walking on that eerily normal street in Deer Valley, Arizona, we stepped into this milkshake shop which matched its location's clean look with something darker hidden under the surface, waiting to be uncaged. We walked past a few customers enjoying their milkshakes on bar stools reminiscing to a prohibition era Sodajerk store, hence the name. Slowly, as we had been previously instructed, we knocked on the freezer door three times and waited till we heard the two knocks back and the door cracked open. We stepped into what is known as the secret organization known as the Nemesis club, famous in underground circles for its mesmerizing escape rooms where people often develop newfound addictions of such puzzles and adventures. This organization is tired of lurking in the shadows and is now quite ready to come out and unleash its inescapable escape rooms across the world.

They have devised two great illusions where people get challenged and their brains are reduced to a shadow of its own ego. These puzzles often include battling mastervillains, a sinister robot which controls every lever and switch around you and another monster whose victims are the only one who have truly laid eyes on its rugged hide.

Though escape is not statistically impossible, it does become highly improbable as time deters even the strongest of minds and you only have an hour of it. We watched as even the most confident and intelligent of my peers questioned their own prowess and cognitive abilities and realize that escape in the end is futile.

Those that made it out were then lured back in with milkshake flavors that resembled illusions only the sirens of Odyssey could mimic and a taste only the experience itself could describe. We were there for a time which was either minutes or days and there is no way of telling because we kept on trying all the flavors of the milkshakes. This Janus coin of an experience was incredible, surreal and maybe almost imaginary, I might have to go back to confirm.

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